Why Opting for Mantis Funding Cash Advance is a better option than Traditional Funding

Growth and Expansion, aren’t these two terms petrify you in a positive way? For sure, an SME owner might feel chills in their spine when they visualize their venture growing like that of Google or Microsoft. However, there is a point where he feels this is just a dream; can you tell what’s that?

Without a doubt, lack of funds. For growth and expansion, it is quintessential to have funds. Withal, considering what traditional channels have done over the years, it is fair to think that their policies offer little or no help to small and medium enterprises. 

The criteria for high credit score and heavy collateral is made keeping the MNCs in mind. They are the ones with a stable revenue stream. Hence, it is easy for them to maintain both aspects. However, the same cannot be said for small and medium businesses.

This standard criterion is unfair to them. A funding partner should not measure everyone’s request with the same criteria. Think of it:

Will a retail store have the same requirement as that of a nightclub owner?


Is it easy for a trucking business owner to maintain a credit score or collateral knowing that he might not be able to repay someone due to a delay caused by a truck breakdown on the highway?

Of course, not! Everyone has a different set of requirements and reasons to access funds. This is their basic right, and, no one can deny them from having it. This is the reason behind the inception of the alt-fin firm industry.  Although, many were pragmatic about the approach of the alt-fin firm. Some even tagged them unfits, simply because of their flexible approach. However, they have changed the complexion of the financing industry. They have been the focal point of success for many small and medium enterprises.

With a decade long experience, funding options like Mantis Funding Cash Advance have been integral in maintaining a smooth inflow of cash among the SMEs, which invariably has lead to the expansion and growth of the country’s economical backbone.

Unlike traditional channels, they work to provide an SME owner with a lump sum amount in the form of cash, regardless of credit score or collateral. Besides, they have an advanced fin-tech system which is more of a holistic approach to measuring the creditworthiness of an applicant. Also, this AI/ML backed system is the reason why they are able to provide Mantis Funding Cash Advance within a space of 3-4 days. In case of emergency, this timeframe becomes 24 hours!

Moreover, they have a team of professionals who handle platforms like Mantis Funding Complaints. They ensure that they quickly and efficiently solve the raised questions regarding anything related to their offers and services. Unlike traditional channels, they don’t take ages to respond to an applicant.

However, before you pen down any deal with an alternative financier, ensure that you have done your groundwork properly. Amidst the reliable nd renowned firms like Mantis Funding, there are firms that can hamper your progress. So, it’s better to consult with your peers and go thorough review platforms like Mantis Funding Complaints to have a fair idea of where you are placing your signature.

Finally, There is a Way for an SME Owner to Overcome His Financial Problems! Read to know what it is

Funding is like oxygen; the moment you deprive your business of it is the exact moment where you will stumble upon the ground. Funding plays a significant role in fulfilling everything you dream to accomplish from your business.

However, it is hard to understand that traditional channels don’t get this point. Ever since the Great Recession, it has become really hard to fetch funds from traditional channels. They have changed the pattern of funding by making the tightening their terms and conditions. The worse part here is that lacking any of the specified criteria is a direct question on an SME owner’s credibility to refund money.

The question that stands here is: Will you judge an owner to provide funds with his credit score or with his business model and revenue stream?

There can be ample situations where an owner might have tried to fulfill the conditions but a delay from the client’s for the provides service, a sudden peak in transportation cost, an unexpected new product launch, employees asking better payrolls, and much more. For sure fulfilling these factors does not determine the creditworthiness of an SME owner. His collaterals do!

This is the reason why there was animosity regarding the system that constantly favored the big size firms. A sense of partiality crushed the hopes in the heart of those small and medium business owners who thought traditional channels will help them.

Hence, they ensured alt-fin firms come into the picture to help them. They supported flexible assessment ways. They promoted the Mantis Funding cash advance within their peers. They finally got what SMEs have been looking for these many years.

Who doesn’t support a system that strengthens the backbone of the country’s economy? Mantis Funding Cash Advance is just like that system. It is a cash advance given in favor of future sales on debit and credit cards. However, what benefit it really gives is:

1.      Smoothens the Working Capital

Receiving cash advance can really smoothen the incoming working capital. Often due to lack of funds, a small or medium business owner suffers from poor credit scores and lacks the collaterals that are essential to prove their credibility in the market. With Mantis Funding Cash Advance, this situation can no longer persist. To meet the sudden or heavy-end expenses, an SME owner can work a deal with alt-fin firms to ensure that he is never out of cash for incoming opportunities. Hence, ensuring financial stability for the future.

2.      Extremely Convenient

One of the biggest benefits a consumer gets using Mantis Funding Cash Advance is its ease of fetching funds.  The fact that everything is online augments well with the user. This not only saves effort but also time. Besides, everything is mentioned on the site and made transparent to the user. Be it the percentage of repayment on funds or the way of repayment everything is clearly visible while the online documentation.

Besides, is the consumer feels that something is not clear; these alt-fin firms have a team handling their consumer lines like Mantis Funding Complaints which are ready to solve your problem from the word go.

3.      Easy Qualification

Gone are the days where credit score or collateral determined the credibility of an SME owner. With the inception of alt-fin firms, the scenario has changed. These firms have made it lenient and flexible for SMEs to fetch funds. They have a real sense of economy and understand that SMEs are running the country’s economy.  And, this is the reason why they approve almost every application their way.

Higher framework cost, more assets, and extended timeframe resulting in lower net revenue is the only cause of concern while getting their approval.

What is the Importance of Quick Funding in Small and Medium Businesses?

It is hard to deny the importance of the alternative financing industry in today’s scenario. Ever since the Great Recession struck the financing industry like a bolt of lightning, we have seen alternative financing grow. And, now, when we stand geared for the next cycle of recession, this industry is working behind the scenes to strengthen the base for many small and medium enterprises, the way it did in 2008.

Perhaps, this is the reason why they are dominating the financing sector and are predicted to cover almost one-third part of it by 2026! To top that, they have made funding instant. For instance, the Mantis Funding Cash Advance is a very convenient and quick solution for many small and medium businesses. The funds are processed within a matter of 4-5 days and funds are reimbursed as quickly as possible.

Apart from this, they have an approval criterion which is pretty flexible. They don’t cling to the traditional ways. They have unique ways to assess a business. Plus, they have a reliable and established support department. Like that of Mantis Funding Complaints, they ensure that they handle every client and their problems swiftly and efficiently.

What is the importance of Cash Advance in SMEs?

No one can predict the future, especially a businessman. There are so many fluctuations happening around the world which can inevitably lead to lack of funds in your business/sector.

Hence, this lack of working capital will affect day-to-day operations. This could create a situation where an expansion opportunity could go in vain, lack of meeting an employee’s payroll can lead them to resign and leave, unable to meet the unexpected surge in the pricing of an in-demand item could put your business behind, and there is more to this.

In a nutshell, no one cares about your current status; all they care for is you meeting their expectations. Thus, it becomes imperative for SMEs to prepare for their famine cycle. It is important to plan ahead, and an instant Mantis Funding Cash Advance could help you plan ahead of your time. This will also assist you in improving your credit score, henceforth, your reputation in the market. Besides, smoothening your income stream.  

How to Detect the Sign of Trustworthiness in My Alt-Fin Partner?

In a crowded scenario like today, it is difficult to find an alternative financing partner who you can trust your finances with. Exclusively when most of the firms hide their terms and conditions in a finely printed page with hard to read fonts.

Probably, this is the reason why still many of the SME owners are apprehensive about placing their bet here. However, much to their surprise, there are firms like that of Cresthill Capital and Mantis Funding that believe in transparency. They mention each and every condition before agreeing upon a deal. Furthermore, they ensure that the terms are customized and designed in a certain way that pleases the SME owner.

Also, they ensure that they verify all the factors that make you a suitable contender to get their approval. To check your credibility, they go through:

  1. Your reason to get funds
  2. The smoothness of your Income Stream
  3. Your client  base
  4. General plan to approach your business after funding
  5. Social Behavior with your peers

Once, this is done, they prepare a flexible repayment structure with you think is best for your business. Once everything is done, they provide you with your essential funding.

How SMEs Can Improve Their Strategies to Survive in the Market?

Time is crucial and the market is fickle. Only a few percentages of small and medium businesses survive the challenges posed by the market. To survive for more than 5 or 10 years, the businessman needs to be very astute and sharp with his tactics. 

However, before going in-depth on this blog, we first need to understand factors that prove vital in the downfall of small and medium businesses. 

1. Choosing the Wrong Market with a Poor Marketing Technique.

The items they are selling are not in demand and their marketing techniques are lacking the edge it needs to engage with the customers.

2. Lack of Back-Up Funds

This is the case with many firms. In quest of expanding, they tend to divert from the fact they need reserves to fall-back. So, when the situation arises, they run out of money and have nothing to fall back on.

3. Not Having an Adequate or Trained Workforce

Often people get this thing wrong. Having a good and workforce trained workforce is a very decisive factor in a venture’s success. However, the lack of it can also lead to downfall.

So the question that arises here is what to do? How to strategize things that can work in favor of an SME?

Though there are many unpredictable things happening in the market; and, this is an uncontrollable factor. But the controllable factor that a businessman can get right is his planning.

So, how should a businessman go about things? Let’s have a look:

Plan Meticulously

Understanding the pattern of the market is critical. Analyze past trends and the upcoming one. Create detailed plans using market research. In fact, you can hire a data analyst who can give you precise knowledge about the different facets of the market, which can be used in forming and changing the plans.

Bringing a Trained Workforce

As we said, this is something that is very important. Their competence will help you derive profits which can help you to expand your business. However, this can only happen when you are astute while hiring them. Furthermore, there is one more way to go about this, you can also hire a group of freelancers to do a certain job, in this way you can lower the payroll of your firm during the initial phase.

Putting Money in the Right Place: Marketing

Marketing is a tool that can determine the fate of any business, irrespective of its size. It is very essential to keep a part of the budget aside for this activity alone. Apart from that, it is important for a businessman to realize that the future is online. Your digital presence will dictate your terms. Hence, it is important to work with a group of people who are skilled in this particular field.

However, paying them additionally to your budget can put a little burden on your cash flow. Hence, opting for Mantis Funding cash advance service is a wise decision. As instant funding helps you to carry out your work smoothly. Further, their easy repayment ensures that there is no hindrance in the incoming capital.

Also, in case you find yourself stuck at some point regarding this service, there are sections like that of Mantis Funding complaints that shed sufficient light to clear your doubts.

Small Businesses Can Now Solve Their Financial Problems! Read to Know-How.

Don’t you dream of putting your small business on the map where you are neck-to-neck with big-league players? However, the regular financial issue keeps your dream at bay.

Like you, I am also a small business owner in New York. I own a nightclub. Being a young and impulsive person, I decided to open it unknown to the challenges I was going to face. First, the challenge I faced was finding the place. Next was the payroll of the staff, and the biggest was the traffic and upgrading of my nightclub.

When compounded together, things started to go south. My expenditure was greater than my income. This was when I realized that without substantial financial resources, you could not succeed in business.

I approached traditional channels like banks, waited endless hours, and spilled much ink to fill the information in the documents. After multiple rounds and days, they politely declined me because my credit score was well-below the required. Besides, my collaterals were not good enough to convince and satisfy the funders. I needed real quick help, but every time I approached someone, I ended up in a blind spot.

However, sometimes things do turn out to be in your favor. My friend introduced me to Mantis Funding and its options like that of Mantis Funding Cash Advance, which was easily accessible. Mantis trusted me when no one else did. They listened to my business model and provided me with funds when everything was on the line. Besides, they modeled a repayment structure that was flexible and was easy on my pocket. Indeed, funding and a good funder play a crucial role in your business growth.

So, for people like me or those who are looking for funding. Here are a few things that I learned, while working with Mantis Funding, which could help you in your financial problems:


What are the eligibility criteria forMantis Funding Cash Advance? As I mentioned, the answer is your own business model. The more versatile you can make it, the better it is for you. Alt-financiers like them look for an all-round revenue stream. 

According to Mantis Funding Complaints, here are few things that could stand against your and your funding:

  1. Your framework cost is too high
  2. You are using more assets than you should 
  3. Your extended timeframe is resulting in a lower net revenue

What you should do to get approval:

  1.  Focus on keeping your business model consistent with an objective to develop. 
  2. It should provide an innovative edge to your plan. 
  3. Keep a good track of your transaction history, expense pattern, and similar factors. 

In doing so, one can guarantee that you are eligible for their option of Cash Advance. 

Clear Plans

Having clear plans pays long-term dividends not only in getting approval but also in profit generation. 

Here are a few things that you should follow while approaching them:

  1. Keep transparency, don’t try to hide anything
  2. Be clear about what you want from them
  3. Specify your applied amount in exact figures  
  4. Give proper details of your dealings in the market. This may include how long you have been operating
  5. Specify how you wish to use the funding with your future goal 
  6. How do you intend to regulate your average revenue
  7. What you expect from them to include in your repayment plan

All this helps them to understand your and your needs. This gives them a clear idea of what you intend to do in the future. Besides, if you face any issue, you can contact their support team on Mantis Funding Complaints. 

3 Ways In Which An SME Can Enhance Their Customer Experience

Just a click and your competitor has acquired what you craved for years. This is the fickle nature of the internet. There is no doubt over the fact that it has brought about a plethora of benefits to a businessman. However, one also cannot deny that the internet is the reason for the rise in competitors.

They need to keep things engaging in order to hold on to their customers. The constant need to upgrade and update is like a sword hanging on their heads, and, last but not the least, they have to look after the ROI by identifying and enhancing their target audience and services.

Besides, being online also threatens the product and brand’s value in the market. It’s like selling the same shampoo in two different bottles, one has a beautiful outlook and the other with a rustic look. If someone else comes up with the same product as their competitor with an alluring content, the chances of a customer getting attracted are likely to be in his favor. Hence, adding more pressure to focus on customer loyalty.

All in all, one thing is certain, and, that is, apart from the quality, a small or medium-scale businessman should focus on the new marketing techniques to meet the ever-increasing creative demands of the market.

So, this brings us to the questions, given the nature of the market, what should a small and a medium-scale businessman do to survive in this market? Check out the answer below:-

Work to get your targeted online audience and presence

This is the time to strengthen your social media presence and content. Not only that, shoot videos, opt for influencers, and manage your social handles in a very exquisite way. In today’s world, a brand is as good as its online presence. Neglecting any aspect of social media will hamper the progress. For this reason, you should hire or contact digital professionals. They have cracked the code for this trade!

Try setting aside a budget from your incoming capital for them. In case, doing that is not a valid option, you can bank on alt-fin options like that of Mantis Funding cash advance. These services help you in maintaining a smooth cash flow.

Designing customer-centric campaigns

Directed sales campaigns are a big no for today’s customers. They love a story behind everything. A story that can convey the emotions of your product and its user. Something that can connect with their hearts. Building a relationship with them is important. You can always generate leads, however, leads don’t retain customers.

This implies that your content for the campaign should be top-notch. Hence, expanding your budget to more long-term and indirect campaigns that focus on the value of the product.

Use of technology to personify the product

We live in an age of automation ruled by ML/AI. Our introduction to technology has enabled us to customize our customer service as per our customers. Hence, making customers our top priority. With their personal details, as provided by the customer, an SME owner can implement business ideas that can enhance their customer’s experience.

Having said that, taking the help of an alt-fin firm for cash liquidity is a wise decision considering that taking cash out can hamper the smoothness of incoming capital. Also, one can go to channels like that of Mantis Funding Complaints, where you can read and learn about different customer experiences. Hence, getting a clear idea about the service and its benefits.

Exploring the Possible Reasons Behind the Increasing Alt-fin Firms

No wonder we are blessed to be witnessing this generation. As things stand, we are seeing the collaboration of digitalization and globalization. Two things that are defining generation in their own terms.

Perhaps, the finance industry has witnessed the biggest impact of this collaboration. There is no hiding the fact that this industry needed some innovation, especially after the devastating recession. The effects brought by the financial havoc in 2008-10 saw the change of policies within the traditional channels. They tightened their grips on their regulations, making things tougher for small and medium business owners.

Thus, started the search for inventive funding solutions that were flexible and accessible. Hence laying the foundation stone of firms like Mantis Funding touched points like quickening the processing speed, providing easy approvals, and devising new methods to measure the businessman’s credit history.

As the case may be, this decade belonged to alt-fin firms. Firms like Mantis Funding have emerged onto the scene and are a dependable option for SME owners, who are looking for quick funds.

Despite all this, many questions still perplex a new owner about the unprecedented rise of these firms. In this article, we will cover all the possible reasons that contributed to the rise in the numbers of these firms.

Reason 1: Traditional channel’s reluctance paved way for these firms

As mentioned, the traditional channels narrowed their criteria for providing funds. In doing so, they provided a platform to alt-financers like Mantis Funding to fill the void created by them. For SME owners, these alt-lenders were no less than superheroes. Unlike traditional channels, they never demanded you to maintain high credit scores or provide substantial collateral. Instead, they dig into your past bank records, and many such things to approve your application. Intending to assist SMEs in their growth, these firms have well and truly filled the gap created by the traditional channels.

Reason 2: They understand that opportunity doesn’t knock twice

For over a while, there has been a constant complaint of SME owners about the lethargic and time-taking fund’s disbursal of the traditional channels. If an owner is lucky enough to get his application approve within time, all these channels will do it to make him wait until the opportunity withers away. And, this didn’t help the case of many growth-seeking SMEs.

This is where alt-fin firms lifted their game. They were quick to realize that opportunities don’t wait for funder’s approval. In an ever-changing market, they designed their policies in such a way that an SME owner didn’t have to wait for more than two days for the funds. And, in some urgent cases, this duration reduces to 24 hours!

Reason 3: Smart work over extensive documentation

The introduction of AI/ML in the alt-fin sector is nothing sort of a blessing. This step has helped them to edge their traditional counterparts. Further with the renewed application and reviewing process, this financing sector has seen a rise in alt-fin firm’s credibility and popularity. With the help of a system that is backed by AI/ML, firms have shortened their application time. And, many like Mantis Funding reviews the application faster because of the same reason. Thus, removing the hassle to scribble pen over multiple papers for a process which can be done in a few hours.

Besides these mentioned reasons, there are many reasons as to why these firms have gained this level of trust. The fact that these firms are upgrading their level of service and technology with the needs of the market is credible and is also one of the reasons for their success.

How Alt-Lending Is Leveraging A.I For Better Business Outcomes?

The dawn of a new era is here. An era that is more evolved, more developed, and many more miles technologically ahead than what could ever have been imagined or encapsulated even 20 or so years before. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are at the forefront of this new change, and everything around is faster, automated, and more advanced.

From cars on auto mode to smart home, smart factories, speech recognition, the impact is overwhelming, and the Alt lending sector is at the helm, leading right from the forefront, charging into the times ahead riding on this wave of Big Data.

Still wondering how A.I is revolutionizing our Alt-lending sector to make it more accessible, more user-friendly, more relevant for your business needs. Keep reading to find out more.

Broadly speaking, AI:

  1. Makes accessible data more relevant.
  2. Cuts down on processing time through automation.
  3. Minimizes the risk of human error.
  4. Provides seamless and continuous 24X 7 customer service through automated chatbots like those in operation at Mantis Funding Customer Service.

So, paramount is the influence of AI on Alt-finance that it is being speculated that the next 15 years could see a huge paradigm shift in the workforce dynamics with the introduction of robotics, which will further cut down our cost of business by 75%, allowing us to offer more cash advances at better and competitive rates of interest.

The future only looks brighter with the rapid advances in the field of Cloud computing, open-source software, and big data. A whole world, still unchartered, remains to be explored and conquered, and this could only spell better business and more growth.

Let me just give you a sneak peek into how we are able to take huge leaps of faith backed by data to make financing easier and more accessible to you –

1 – AI allows us to sift through huge volumes of data to target the optimal clients, and what is of real significance is that the data is relevant, meaningful, and contextual. The use of “optimal lender to SMB match algorithm ensures we are not grappling our way in the dark but reaching out to those who matter most through in-depth analysis of matching parameters.

In other words, it guarantees that you, who are looking for a certain type of Cash Advance based on your requirement and ability for your business needs and we who are offering the same, meet with no hassle, no loss of time, and no blank calls. No multiple applications needed and certainly, no more waiting at Mantis Funding Cash Advances.

2 – All applications received at our end at Mantis Funding Complaints are scanned, validated, and cross-verified through AI-backed processes over-riding any chance of human error and resulting in higher approval rates.

3 – AI technology helps us at Mantis Funding Cash Advance to thoroughly analyze the needs of each business sector and prepare to customize funding profile in the form of a simple scoring system and LendingScore TM (the latest FICO for the small business ending) dashboard which shows us in a measured way the gaps in the business and the best way to cement those gaps.

4 – And that is not all. The use of AI in our line of business allows us to help those businesses too, which do not qualify for a business loan through any conventional or non-conventional route and be able to invest in them through predictive algorithms, thus targeting some of the critically unsolved problems in this area of business.

So, whether it is optimizing costs, meeting margins, and exceeding customer expectations, Alt finance is doing all these and more by embracing and adapting AI for a brighter, better world.

Alternative Financing Succeeds Because It Combines Human Connection With Artificial Intelligence

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. Bill Gates

I think some bank employees heard this quote and created the alternative financing industry! Because it seems to me that the alt-fin sector solves all the problems that plagued small business financing for decades under the strictly controlled traditional banking sector.

Almost all alternative lending companies offer 3 main benefits – speed, flexibility, and accessibility.

Speed – Alt-lending companies with their automated systems and fast processing times guarantee quick funding to its customers. Gone are the days of long-drawn-out and complicated paperwork and weeks of waiting for approvals. Now funding offers like Mantis Funding’s Cash advance come through in less than 24 hours!

Flexibility – According to my observations, most small businesses don’t have extensive needs. While many are, of course, also looking for large or long term amounts for expansion, most need less than $10K. Banks, unfortunately, only offered a few fixed financing offers, which keep them stuck in a long-term debt they don’t really need. Alt lenders like Mantis Funding provide cash advances that range from $2K to $200K and offer customization in terms of repayment costs and timelines.

Accessibility – the tyranny of credit scores finally comes to an end with alt-fin. No longer must we be judged by one-dimensional credit scores as alternative lenders take a more holistic approach to judge the creditworthiness of businesses.

The 3 main advantages mentioned above are well known and quite well advertised by all alt-fin companies. They are the reason why so many small and mid-sized businesses are flocking to the alt-lending industry.

But in the long run, I feel they have an even better differentiator in their pockets – the industry has cultivated a unique customer-centric approach and matched that with the latest AI-backed fintech. Banks are now integrating technology and flexibility in their process as well and might soon be able to match some of the advantages of alt-fin. But their large, unwieldy structures are permeated with a corporate culture that puts risk management first! The bank’s profits and safety come before the customer; the approach is completely different in alt-lending companies like Mantis Funding, where complaints regarding customer care are unheard of!

The most successful companies in the alternative lending landscape are the ones who can harness artificial intelligence algorithms to reduce time and risk, but the heart of their operations are based on deep human connections. For example, I found that at Mantis Funding, even though the application process is completely online, the team members reached out to every single customer personally and took the time to find out about their business and their reasons for seeking funding. Customer stories mattered and in many cases, decisions were influenced by the client’s situation or personality.

My personal experience with them was eye-opening, the manager assigned to me handheld and mentored me throughout the process. I was given ALL the information, and there were no hidden charges or fees or anything underhanded at all. I admit I was a bit wary when I first started the process, but now with my deal fully repaid, I can truthfully say that Mantis Funding cash advance saved my business!

If you are a business owner, looking for that little cash boost, then my advice would be to explore alternative financing. Scout the market, talk to different companies, and find the one that treats you the best!

The Basic Qualification Differences Between Traditional And Alternative Funding

In the last decade or so, alternative financing has become a new method for SMEs to get funded. What’s intriguing is that this industry has seen an exponential rise and, to a certain extent, is also responsible for strengthening the backbone of the country’s economy- small and medium enterprises.

However, no one predicted this coming, especially 10 years ago. Before this industry came into existence, businessmen had to visit banks and credit unions to receive funds for their small needs. Howbeit, this scenario changed when the industry had to face turbulence created by the recession. Post-recession, the financing sector became rigid and became a bit apprehensive. This reflected in their reluctance to provide funds to SMEs.

This became a prominent reason why alt-financing gained major attention. And, it could not have been more different from the traditional channel. On the one hand, traditional channels have made a red tape and paperwork an important part of the procedure, whereas, on the other hand, these non-traditional streamlined and automated their procedures. This little step has made them time-saver and a businessman’s go-to option.

Nevertheless, these two options vastly differ from each other, apart from the aforementioned fact. Let’s delve into that:

Formalities: Banks do have extensive paperwork, even in today’s online scenario. What’s more, is that they ask for 2-3 years of transactional history with the client’s tax returns.

Meanwhile, with alternative lenders, a businessman only needs to provide their bank statements for the past few months so that they can verify their transaction history.

Monetary Deposits/Collaterals and Credit Score: Banks always ask for monetary deposits when a businessman is seeking funds for a large investment. However, the same does not go with alternative funding firms like Mantis Funding. These firms have not made assets their criteria for providing funds. They deal with unsecured funding and provide funds to businesses without asking for collaterals.

Apart from collaterals, Mantis Funding reviews applications based on their transactions instead of their credit score. They review their personal data to understand the cash flow and provide funds accordingly, which is not the case with the traditional financers.

History of profitability: No matter how compelling the idea is, banks will only fund a venture if the businessmen are able to show the established profitability of 2 or more years. Meanwhile, alt-financing firms like Mantis Funding understand the situations of SMEs and realize the financial disturbance they face in the market and consider the stories of their clients with a holistic assessment of their application to provide approval accordingly.

Traditional financers lack this kind of personal touch and are more focused on reducing their risk. Due to this, they tend to miss out on opportunities to help a small and medium cap enterprise. However, firms like Mantis Funding look for such opportunities and are ever-ready to help the SMEs. Besides, they understand the client’s need for quick funds and work to provide funds within 3-4 days of application approval.