Constant Working Capital Flow: A Must For SMEs

Money is the most critical factor for a business, irrespective of the size, nature or sector. From the initial investments required to start a business to the constant working capital that is required for smooth operation in a business lifecycle, cash needs are a constant.

While established large business enterprises often do not face sudden capital flow issues, that’s definitely not the case with small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). Sudden roadblocks are a frequent occurrence in the world of SMEs and so is the need for instant cash flow.

However, business worlds are no longer dependent on banking institutions alone. There has been a wide acceptance for nonbanking institutions like Mantis Funding, especially amongst SMEs.

The need for working capital
Cash flow problem is the most common apprehension for an SME owner. Working capital is required throughout the lifecycle of a business venture to manage daily operations along with plans for growth and expansion.

However, reasons like receipt of late payments by clients, sudden payment needs due to a rise in product prices, usage of funds for increased rent or wage payments are just some examples of the same. With a shortage of working capital, SME’s sometimes face serious business threats like closure for a short period, the decline in production or even refusing some lucrative client offers that ensures good future business.

Advantages of obtaining a merchant cash advance
Facing such sudden cash crunch scenarios creates serious losses for SMEs in the long run. And then, the possibilities of obtaining advance cash support from traditional banking setups is usually not feasible for small and medium scale ventures.

This is when capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC play an important role in supporting SMEs. By simply reviewing the overall revenue history of the SME, Mantis Funding cash advances are instantly released to rescue SMEs from a crisis situation.

Following are some key advantages of choosing Mantis Funding LLC for working capital advances:

1. More emphasis on revenue stream- Capital funding companies like Mantis Funding review the borrower’s revenue history rather than emphasizing on the present-day credit score. Since repayments are directly based on the credit swipe transactions, the approvals (if the revenue stream history is positive) are almost instantaneous.

2. Flexible repayment options- Repayments are always designed to be on par with the monthly sales. A percentage of monthly sales is cut at source for repayment of the cash advance. The option is hence pretty convenient for SMEs who do not have to plan financial savings for cash advance repayment. Additionally, there are no limitations of tenure for cash advance repayment which is extremely attractive for SMEs, especially those dealing in seasonal businesses.

3. Online and hassle-free application procedures- Yes, the ease of applying online along with a quick review of the documents and instant transfer of funds is one of the most attractive features of capital funding companies like Mantis Funding LLC. Saving their precious time.

Easy top-up options too
Yes, most capital funding companies offer quick top-ups on the existing cash advances if an SME faces conditions of higher need. While traditional banking institutions do not offer such facilities, Mantis Funding cash advances can be easily increased with a top-up application to the lender.

Constant working relationships with SMEs enable capital funding lenders to understand the exigencies of a business world better and hence come out with more flexible and customer-friendly solutions.

One thought on “Constant Working Capital Flow: A Must For SMEs”

  1. I have been managing my business with occasional top-ups from Mantis Funding. It’s a quick and easy way to reduce the stress of tight cash flow situations. Sometimes business is slow or corporate customers pay late; in these times, I have found it easier to just take a small cash advance rather than max out credit cards or delay my payments. Especially, as I am a long term client, I don’t need to keep giving documentation and going through the whole approval process from scratch.

    I almost feel like I am calling a friend to borrow some money. No kidding!

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