Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy

Every business, large or small, that sells a product must have a supplier for that product. When you contract with the supplier you agree on the terms. It could be regular deliveries of a specific amount of product or it could be an on-demand situation where you order the product as you need it.

Regardless of the arrangement, you have made you need your supplier. One of the worst things that can happen, particularly for a new small business, is for their supplier to close its doors.

If it is a common product sold by many vendors your problem is simply finding the one that can give you the best terms. If you have a specialty shop finding a new supplier is more challenging. Regardless of which type of vendor you need one thing is for sure, the terms will be different, probably priced higher, and you will need them fast.

You may also need a small loan to replenish your inventory quickly before you had intended to because you have to ensure the new supplier is as reliable as the previous one was. But where do you get the funds?

Can You Go to the Bank?
Banks loan money. That is a part of their business model. But banks don’t loan money to just anyone and they have strict requirements for loan approval. They also may not wish to loan the small number of funds you need and may question why you hadn’t set aside funds for this type of situation. In other words, you may not meet their requirements and you may simply be turned down for the loan.

Your problem is that you don’t have the time to apply, get reviewed then get turned down. This is where capital funding companies like Mantis Funding come in. They deal only with micro or small businesses and understand the challenges that these businesses face. When you contact them for a Mantis Funding cash advance, they get to work immediately.

What Do They Do a Bank Doesn’t?
Mantis Funding reviews your business, not your credit score. They look at your revenue stream, your product, and your customer base. They do not exist to simply pass out cash, they have to ensure that your business model is viable and that you handle the revenue from it responsibly.

Once they decide that you are a good risk they work with you to determine payment terms that you can meet. They also offer flexible repayment plans that can be handled in different ways.

Once you agree on repayment terms and sign the contracts, within hours the funds you need are in your bank. The rest is up to you. Just take the time to research any capital funding company you consider so you know you will get the type of money you need with a company you like. For example, by looking up Mantis Funding, you can see how they have worked with people in the past when a problem arose.

8 thoughts on “Getting Funding for a New Supplier Is Not Always Easy”

  1. I agree funding is the most important and hardest part for every supplier. But with Mantis Team it was an easy process. They were very thorough doing their due diligence and helped me completely along the way. I will refer to any business owner that I find in need of some emergency funds!

  2. I’m a business owner and i know how is it difficult to find funding for a new supplier and time is money. Mantis funding did not ask me so many questions, just review the application and make it down. Would definitely recommend this process.

  3. One of our friend suggests us about mantis funding LLC and how they work with them. We tried our luck and we are actually lucky to get quick and easy and just like that our money was funded. Mantis Funding LLC was great!! I’m hoping we can continue to work with Mantis Funding LLC for many years.

  4. Excellent service and support
    Very quick, easy process to follow and constant, consistent support throughout the whole process -fantastic support for any growing business

  5. It was such an awesome experience working with Mantis Funding LLC through my funding process they were able to help me out so much and most importantly he responds back so quickly to my emails. They made the process simple and easy as compared to banks.

    We will recommend them to people who are looking for funds.

  6. We shared the business plan with five-year financial models, but the bank denied the funds for a new supplier. In that situation, our old friend suggests us Mantis Funding LLC, who helped them in the past and we think they can help us too. We share all documents that required and they did the job very fast, as a new supplier we never think it can be like this easy. But we glad and thank full of the Mantis Funding LLC for the help. We recommend them.

  7. Have used Mantis Funding LLC a couple of times and found them super efficient and compared to any USA commercial bank they offer a great service and a no complications transaction.

  8. This happened to me! When my supplier packed up 2 months before Christmas, I lost a lot of sleep over it. Identifying a new one was not easy as I sell custom designed stationery gift items. Also, I had already paid a substantial advance, and the only way to save the seasonal business was to cough up more. Mantis Funding really came through very, very fast with the merchant cash advance.

    From the minute I filled and sent the application, it just took them 3 days to wire the money to me. And that included all the paperwork and discussions!

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