How New Regulations Can Lead Small Businesses to Need a Capital Funding Company

When you decided to open a home daycare business, you did it because you understand how difficult it is for parents to find reliable and decent people to watch their children. Now that yours are out of the house, you decided this would be the perfect business for you.

Your home is already set up for children and you raised your own. They turned out fine and you love kids. You also realized that you can charge a rate that families can afford.

You marketed your business in places like your church and your village’s community center and within no time you had the maximum number of children you would take. You want to be sure they could all get the attention they need and that you could handle.

You also like to take the children on little trips like to the zoo or a children’s museum, with parental consent of course.

You have a car that can handle the number of children you watch, and you also have the required car seats for the children to make it easier on the parents. All of this is included in the fees you charge. But then your state decided that different car seats were required for younger children. Now you have a dilemma.

Pass the Cost On or Cover It Yourself?
When these parents signed up with you part of the deal was that you supplied the car seats. It makes it easier for the parents and also for you because you can leave them set up in your car. But this new regulation would increase your costs and you have to get the new car seats quickly in order to comply.

If you pass the cost on to the parents, it would be difficult to do because it is a one-time expense and it was included in your fee. The problem is you don’t have sufficient cash on hand to purchase the number of seats you need, and you have to have additional seats for new clients as the children age and no longer need your services.

How can you find the funds for this one-time expense? Here is where a company similar to Mantis Funding can help.

Capital Funding Companies.
What you need is a small loan and a Mantis Funding cash advance would give you just that. Mantis Funding reviews your revenue stream and other factors and uses that information to determine how much they could offer you and at what interest rate. If you both agree on those terms, they will then work out a flexible repayment plan.

Once the contracts are signed, within hours the funds can be in your account and your dilemma is solved. If you want to know what type of customer service a company offers prior to signing your contract, make sure you look up something like Mantis Funding complaints prior to reaching out to a capital funding company.

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