Capital Funding Companies Are The Best Support System For A Small Business

A good number of small and micro business owners are realizing the value attached to capital funding companies like Mantis Funding when it comes to meeting their urgent cash flow needs.

Not that the capital funding companies will simply pass out cash on receipt of a request. They do have their own evaluation criteria. However, when it comes to small and micro business ventures, the evaluation criteria of capital funding companies which rely on reviewing the revenue stream and business model of a company (rather than the credit score) is more practical.

Small Business Needs
The world of business is almost synonymous to a roller coaster ride. And that’s especially true for small and micro-business ventures. There can be a sudden inflow of profits streaming in or there could be a hard cash crunch that can significantly impact the daily operations of the business.

Situations like a sudden increase in product prices, increased wages, change of vendor, rent increase, business expansion plans, etc can arise without warning.

While these cannot really be avoided, availability of sufficient working capital inflow can smoothen the process and get things going in the right direction.

Traditional Funding Options
So yes, traditional cash advance options like banks are there for your consideration when small business cash advances are needed. However, banks may not always consider the borrower’s request.

They are pretty stringent on their terms and conditions and rely heavily on the current credit score of the borrower for sanctioning a cash advance. Additionally, banks do not find it profitable to find particularly small cash advances which may cause an instant rejection.

And then, there are other issues to consider. The process of applying for a cash advance, the verification of the borrower’s credentials, and the cash advance sanction is a time taking one. When merchants face a cash flow need, time is something that they don’t have on their side.

Getting instant cash inflow straight to their accounts on flexible repayment terms is the need. That’s exactly where capital funding companies come to play like those offering the merchants a quick Mantis Funding cash advance.

How Do Capital Funding Companies Work?
When you need a very small cash advance that’s just sufficient to tide over your ongoing rough patch, capital funding companies like Mantis Funding are the best possible options around. Where traditional funding options fail to support, capital funding companies help small merchants by giving them exactly what they need with minimal complications and at an instant pace.

Capital funding companies like Mantis Funding work by reviewing factors like your revenue stream, your customer base and the overall business model rather than solely relying on the credit scores. This how they determine the reliability of the borrower and once the same is established, a quick agreement on repayment terms is settled.

Repayments of Mantis Funding cash advance are usually flexible and are carried out by “split withholding” manner wherein a small percentage of the monthly credit sales of the business go as repayments. The deduction at source (and at par with the monthly sales) is often a convenient factor for small business owners who do not have to rely on keeping a fixed repayment value, as with traditional banking options.