Why Opting for Mantis Funding Cash Advance is a better option than Traditional Funding

Growth and Expansion, aren’t these two terms petrify you in a positive way? For sure, an SME owner might feel chills in their spine when they visualize their venture growing like that of Google or Microsoft. However, there is a point where he feels this is just a dream; can you tell what’s that?

Without a doubt, lack of funds. For growth and expansion, it is quintessential to have funds. Withal, considering what traditional channels have done over the years, it is fair to think that their policies offer little or no help to small and medium enterprises. 

The criteria for high credit score and heavy collateral is made keeping the MNCs in mind. They are the ones with a stable revenue stream. Hence, it is easy for them to maintain both aspects. However, the same cannot be said for small and medium businesses.

This standard criterion is unfair to them. A funding partner should not measure everyone’s request with the same criteria. Think of it:

Will a retail store have the same requirement as that of a nightclub owner?


Is it easy for a trucking business owner to maintain a credit score or collateral knowing that he might not be able to repay someone due to a delay caused by a truck breakdown on the highway?

Of course, not! Everyone has a different set of requirements and reasons to access funds. This is their basic right, and, no one can deny them from having it. This is the reason behind the inception of the alt-fin firm industry.  Although, many were pragmatic about the approach of the alt-fin firm. Some even tagged them unfits, simply because of their flexible approach. However, they have changed the complexion of the financing industry. They have been the focal point of success for many small and medium enterprises.

With a decade long experience, funding options like Mantis Funding Cash Advance have been integral in maintaining a smooth inflow of cash among the SMEs, which invariably has lead to the expansion and growth of the country’s economical backbone.

Unlike traditional channels, they work to provide an SME owner with a lump sum amount in the form of cash, regardless of credit score or collateral. Besides, they have an advanced fin-tech system which is more of a holistic approach to measuring the creditworthiness of an applicant. Also, this AI/ML backed system is the reason why they are able to provide Mantis Funding Cash Advance within a space of 3-4 days. In case of emergency, this timeframe becomes 24 hours!

Moreover, they have a team of professionals who handle platforms like Mantis Funding Complaints. They ensure that they quickly and efficiently solve the raised questions regarding anything related to their offers and services. Unlike traditional channels, they don’t take ages to respond to an applicant.

However, before you pen down any deal with an alternative financier, ensure that you have done your groundwork properly. Amidst the reliable nd renowned firms like Mantis Funding, there are firms that can hamper your progress. So, it’s better to consult with your peers and go thorough review platforms like Mantis Funding Complaints to have a fair idea of where you are placing your signature.

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